Solaire: A Collection of Summer Memories by French Label Léclo

The stripes of the beach umbrellas, nature, the blue of the sea, warm nights, the yellow of the sun, walks, a carefree feeling… these are just some of the summer holiday memories that Léa and Clotilde, the founders of Lyon-based label Léclo have used to create their new collection: Solaire.

Solaire (Solar) is made up of pieces – mostly manufactured with recycled fabrics – that dress you during the day and make you want to dance at night. Léclo is not just a clothing brand but the history, desires, dreams and memories of Léa and Clotilde.

Put on some sunscreen, grab your beach towel and immerse yourself in a very French summer with the stories and inspirations behind Solaire.

All images provided by Léclo

Le Cabas Marius

“We designed this small bag to carry it on any occasion and to fit the necessary summer items. Made of a raw and natural materials, it is perfect for going to the beach or to the flea market, it adapts to all outfits. We were inspired by the market basket and Jane Birkin.”

Jane Birkin doing her shopping with a bag that served as inspiration for the collection

Dancing to Solaire! A selection of songs that inspired the collection

La Chemise 

“Made of a light material and with a wide and straight cut, the striped shirt can be worn on the way home from the beach with a bathing suit and Birkenstock’s. Our inspirations come from our holiday photos with friends – Léa wore this shirt. But also the shirts that David Bowie or Bob Dylan wore in the 70s, a period that we love, and Jan Seberg’s shirt in the film À bout de Souffle.”

Jagger and Bowie looking good in stripes

Léa and Clotilde share some of their holiday photos with friends

Le Pantalon à Rayures 

“The lightweight fabric makes these striped trousers extremely comfortable, adapting to all shapes and sizes. The stripes remind us of the stripes of the beach umbrellas and towels and we were also inspired by the trousers that Mick Jagger used to wear.”

Léa in Biarritz with a pair of trousers that inspired the ‘pantalon à rayures’

Some of the films that inspired Solaire: Le Genou de Claire, A Bigger Splash, La Collectionneuse and Pierrot le Fou

Le Bob Marin 

We drew our inspiration from archival photos of fishing hats. We wanted to evoke the sea with the colour blue and stripes, using classic shapes that feel comfortable and can be matched with different styles.”

A Cape Anne fisherman photographed in 1906

French artist Gérard Schlosser also influenced Léclo’s Solaire collection

La Visière Charly 

“To put a visor on a scarf – that was the idea. We made this visor with, inspired by the women from the 60s to the 80s. It is perfect for a ride in a convertible car in summer, like Thelma & Louise.”

A still from Thelma & Louise used as a reference for the ‘visière Charly’