wetheknot: Reshaping Fashion from the Studio of the Lisbon-Based Label

Sérgio and Filipe, the founders of Portuguese label wetheknot, started working together with a mutual interest: designing objects for the everyday life that they would want to use and wear.

There was also another interest; one that has shaped the brand’s ethos over the past years and its first made-to-order collection. Sérgio and Filipe want to rethink how the fashion industry works and its consumption-driven production. With environmental and social issues at the core of wetheknot, the label’s latest collection is taking that philosophy even a step further.

Some of the pieces that compose wetheknot‘s first made-to-order collection

Produced directly at the brand’s studio or in collaboration with selected local partners, all pieces are conceived and designed so they can be ready for delivery within just 2 or 3 days after an order is placed. This on-demand model allows Sérgio and Filipe to have a stock-free production and, in addition, each of the 9 pieces that compose the collection is made with materials that the suppliers already have in stock, avoiding fabric leftovers.

To gain more insight on how wetheknot works, we asked Sérgio and Filipe to share with us what’s going on during a day at their studio.

All images by wetheknot

Some zipper endings and textile trimmings hanging on the studio floor / Our textiles rolls and patterns archive, ready to be cut

A batch of cut textiles to be assembled later

Our common interest in high-quality, long-lasting items made us wonder about how we could join forces to create these pieces that we could not find on the market, at least in the way we wanted.

On how wetheknot started

Sohil organising the studio for another day of work

We keep everything in labeled boxes. Easier to find and always neat / Some fabric swatches hanging in the closet

We want to inspire people to live with few timeless pieces that are made to last. For this reason, we only offer a limited range of essential products made with premium sustainable materials and designed to be used on a daily basis — without limitations on specific circumstances or rigid social norms.

On how wetheknot is doing things differently

Sohil at work

A set of samples, either finished ones or yet to be perfected, lying on the top floor where we design the new pieces

Our team is very small, and this means that we share most of the tasks necessary to run the brand.

On running an independent fashion label

Albeit it’s November most days are sunny when we arrive at the studio / Walking around with Cuca — a friend’s puppy

Right next to Sérgio’s desk we keep a record from all pieces we have from our Permanent collection

One of them is the Cupro bomber jacket. The light-weight fabric is just amazingly fresh and it represents perfectly wetheknot’s design attitude and beliefs: you can wear it for a chill walk downtown on a Sunday afternoon or to go out to drink something on a Friday night.

On the pieces they can’t live without

Our garden has seen greener days, still it’s a nice place to have a chat or lunch when it’s warm / Just going outside — break time

We customise our packaging with a sticker. We’ve never had fancy packaging because we really like the plain card boxes

Portugal in general has a big influence on our work. People all over the world are amazed by Portuguese manufacturing abilities and — of course — we are very proud in promoting that. All of our products are made here in Portugal, and our aim is to involve local family-run businesses as much as possible. Thanks to our partners’ expertise we can guarantee the best quality and durability, and also contribute to the national development in this sector.

On how living and working in Portugal influence wetheknot

Cut organic cotton fabrics before they turn into nice garments