Why we Wear: Act and its Espadrilles Made for the Urban Environment

Tell us all the details

Founded: June 2013
Location: Berlin
Number of collections: 7
Best Seller: Edvard (an elasticated Ballerina)
Where to buy: Selected stores and online
Ethos: “To a great extent informed by its Mediterranean origins, Act stands for a great attention to detail and strives to make products that are spontaneous and simple. Act creates high quality items for an affordable price.”

Let’s get more into it…

Isabel Rotger, founder of Act, answers all of our questions.

Why did you decide to start Act

It was a spontaneous decision made once I moved to Berlin. I had worked in fashion communications for the past few years and just felt like creating my own project. So I brought the traditional summer item from my island — the espadrille — and revamped it in a way so you could wear it in the city.

Act is established between Mallorca and Berlin, how does each of these places influence the label’s products?

We are here talking about a classic item from our Mediterranean summers — but once I moved to Berlin, it became inevitable not to be influenced by the place where I was living. So the result of this ambivalence is a Mediterraean item with a nordic aesthetic.  

What makes Act’s products different to what’s already there in the market? 

I would say that the main difference is that our espadrilles aren’t made to be worn on the beach, but more on an urban scenario. 

They’re not made of canvas, but of high-quality leather, and we also put a lot of effort into the finishings and details. In terms of the brand imagery, it is influenced by a stronger and colder aesthetic, not too related to the first thing that comes to mind when you think about espadrilles.

You will be soon launching your first A/W collection, can you tell you us more about it?

Yes, we are pretty very excited about this! For the first time, we are taking the leap beyond espadrilles to present a series of year-round shoes that will be launched in September, if Covid-19 allows it.

What does sustainability mean to you? 

All our products are naturally tinted (chrome free) and made by hand with natural products and in an ethical way. We put a lot of effort into trying to create beautiful products with a conscious ethos. But it’s just not about how we produce our shoes, but also about how we consume them. We believe in timeless products that pass the test of time.

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Leather slide espadrilles
Sandal leather espadrilles
Leather ballerina espadrilles
Sandal leather espadrilles