The Best Accounts to Shop on Depop

Words by Ella Citron-Thompkins

Cover image via @pasttrash

Since its launch in 2011, fashion resale platform Depop has amassed an astonishing 30 million users worldwide. With 90% of active users under the age of 26, the app is predominantly catering for Generation Z. The sustainably driven mindsets of this age group are one of the main reasons why the London-based startup has grown at the rapid rate it has. With an ever-increasing awareness of the dangers that climate change presents, and the realisation that a large percentage of this is caused by fast fashion, it is no surprise that the younger generations are actively seeking out more sustainable ways to shop. Depop aids this movement as it allows users to sell and shop pre-loved and handmade items through its Instagram-esque feed curation.

It has never been as important as it is now to make this shift to sustainable shopping happen. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental effect on many small businesses across the world who have been either unable to receive the resources they need to create their products or unable to sell them due to store closures and loss of customers, as a result of worldwide financial insecurity. When you shop on Depop you are supporting a small business, as well as doing good by the planet – that is what I would call feel-good fashion!

Aside from the guilt-free aspect of second-hand shopping, Depop has made sustainability cool and vintage clothing is now one of the most sought-after trends. The quality and unique appeal of clothing from back in the day is extremely high and so it would be crazy not to want to have a browse. From Bella Hadid-approved seller, Susamusa, to the renowned Past Trash… here is my list of the best accounts to shop on Depop to get your 90s, Y2K fix. 

Past Trash

Who: Sisters Eve and Bo Brearley launched Past Trash in 2015 as a way to make money for selling their old clothes. With 12.2k followers currently on Instagram, Past Trash has created a name for itself as one of Depop’s top sellers.
What: Well it says it in the name, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! The majority of clothing Past Trash sells has been carefully selected by the sisters from flea markets abroad. Alongside selling via the Depop platform, Bo and Eve frequently hold pop-ups where their target market can see and shop their stock in real life.
Where: @pasttrash on Depop and Instagram. 

Image via @pasttrash

Isabella Vrana 

Who: 24-year-old Isabella Vrana started off as a university student selling her pre-loved pieces on eBay and Depop but has now sold over 16,000 items and has her own studio based in East London.
What: As well as sourcing an eclectic range of vintage garments, Isabella Vrana now has her own, originally designed and sustainably produced, clothing label which boasts bundles of 90s inspired goodies.
Where: @bellavrana on Depop / @isabella.vrana on Instagram / 

Image via @isabella.vrana


Who: Kings College London graduate, Asal Tehrani, has made a name for herself on the platform by scouting out key vintage pieces to sell online and now even designs her own collections.
What: This is Bella Hadid’s go-to vintage outlet, need I say more?
Where: @susamusa on Depop / @susamusaclothing on Instagram / 

Image via @susamusaclothing

Many Many Clothes

Who: Millie Clough runs both her Depop account and website simultaneously. Having started out selling thrifted goods on the resale platform, Clough has branched out into the world of sustainable design which is available to purchase from both platforms.
What: Alongside unique pieces of vintage fashion, Many Many Clothes designs are created to be timeless, comfortable and season-less to ensure that each style can be worn time and time again.
Where: @manymanyclothes on Depop / @manymanyclothesuk on Instagram / 

Image via @manymanyclothesuk

Ella Citron-Thompkins (@ellakct) is a London-based fashion writer, also working within fashion communications and PR. She is passionate about encouraging sustainable ways of consuming fashion and discovering brands that put ethics and sustainability at the forefront of their practice. Read all of Ella’s pieces here.

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