Never Worn: Dancer Inés García and Her Asymmetric Dress

The pair of jeans folded and hidden at the back of your closet, the top with the tag still on or the formal shirt you can’t quite find an occasion for – why have we never worn some of the clothes we own? ‘Never Worn’ explores impulsive buying one garment at a time, as told by its owners. No judging or shaming, but a way to understand this behaviour and, together, make more conscious future decisions.
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Inés García shares the story behind her asymmetric dress.
Inés is a professional dancer based in Madrid who’s currently making a career shift towards arts and cultural management.
She’s also the co-founder of Bag Journal, a project raising awareness about single plastic use – in particular plastic bags – through art.

What garment you’ve never worn have you chosen from your closet? Can you describe it?

I’ve chosen a black and white spotted, asymmetric dress with two frilled pleats.

When did you buy it? 

I bought it about two years ago.

What were the reasons that made you buy it?

I thought it was cute and cheap.

Do you remember what you felt at that moment you bought it?

I felt excited about having a new item in my closet, and I surely left the store with a smile on my face.

Do you consider it an impulsive buy or was it something you thought about for a while?

It was 100% an impulsive buy. In fact, it’s not a dress I would wear in my day life, I would need an special occasion to wear it.

Why haven’t you worn it?

First I thought I didn’t have an occasion to wear it. But after two years not wearing it, I’ve realized it’s just because it’s not “me”. I don’t feel comfortable in such a “sophisticated” dress, with all those textures and details. Although, there’s still something I like in it.

Have you had any moments in which you were about to wear it but then changed your mind?

Yes, I remember a couple of times when I even put it on, but before I left home I felt insecure about it and changed my outfit.

How did you feel when you wore it for the photograph shown here?

I thought, it’s not so bad, but I definitely hate the bottom part. Also, it doesn’t match my personality.

If you haven’t worn it, why haven’t you given it away for recycling or to be worn by someone else?

I felt sad about giving it away and I’ve kept it in my closet in case I found the occasion to wear it (which has never come).

Do you think you will start wearing it after answering these questions?

Absolutely not. In fact, I will finally give it to someone else.

What other garments from your closet you’ve never worn?

I’ve actually moved to a new flat 2 months ago and I had a look at my whole closet in order to not carry too many clothes with me. I gave a way like 3 other dresses.

What will you do next time you go shopping to prevent a similar situation happening again?

I’m aware I buy things only for a quick and easy satisfaction feeling, but I’m (already) trying to think twice what I spent my money on, and what doesn’t need to be in my life.

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