Never Worn: Space Designer Gabriela Hens and Her Grey Dress

The pair of jeans folded and hidden at the back of your closet, the top with the tag still on or the formal shirt you can’t quite find an occasion for – why have we never worn some of the clothes we own? ‘Never Worn’ explores impulsive buying one garment at a time, as told by its owners. No judging or shaming, but a way to understand this behaviour and, together, make more conscious future decisions.
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Gabriela Hens shares the story behind her grey dress.
 Gabriela is a space designer based in Madrid – and also a makeup artist, but this she does for fun. She sings, she can act and she can definitely talk – that is the reason she never gets to finish her glasses of wine. She also spends too much time poking around the racks in secondhand and vintage stores, and shares everything her dog does at @gabihensusalsa

What garment you’ve never worn have you chosen from your closet? Can you describe it?

I chose a grey dress from COS. It is made of a thick textile with a rough texture. I love that it has a useless but cute lace to tie it.

When did you buy it? 

Half a year ago. Well, I got the gift-ticket of a previous purchase that I regretted making. And I bought this dress. That I haven’t used. Yet?

What were the reasons that made you buy it?

I had been trying to find THE piece and when I put it on, I fell in love with the image in the mirror. I could see a very professional girl with a serious twist and some elegant touch to it. I loved that. I loved me.

Do you remember what you felt like the moment you bought it?

Like the hunt was worth the effort. 

Do you consider it an impulsive buy or was it something you thought about for a while?

It was very impulsive, once I laid eyes on it. One of these moments you are just sure you won’t have second thoughts. I usually think for days about any purchase of pieces above €20.

Why haven’t you worn it?

Well… I can’t seem to see myself in it. On one hand, the rest of my closet does not speak the same language. But then also I can’t wear it when it is too warm because of the textile, and neither when its cold because the coat must enhance its greatness. I don’t think I have that coat.

Have you had any moment in which you were about to wear it but then changed your mind?

So many. Countless. Always found an excuse to keep it for a better occasion.

How did you feel when you wore it for the photograph shown here?

I felt like I might start wearing it now. Speaking about the dress makes me very aware of how impulsive one can be. 

If you haven’t worn it, why haven’t you given it away for recycling or to be worn by someone else?

Not gonna happen. I must be the one to pull it off. 

Do you think you will start wearing it after answering these questions?

Most likely and it feels stupid. Maybe I should answer this questionnaire for all the pieces I never use?

What other garments from your closet you’ve never worn?

This could be long, but a huge blue hair pin from that same day and that same store seems worthy of mentioning.

What will you do next time you go shopping to prevent a similar situation happening again?

I am already working on this. I will probably try to make sure I have coats that go well with it. It is a start.

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