In the Closet with Sophia Toomb from Moda Verde

Sophia Toomb is the founder of Moda Verde, a sustainable e-commerce platform that is dedicated to curating environmentally and socially responsible men’s and women’s apparel brands.

Sophia (@sophiatoomb) wants to “help educate others on the importance of sustainability, mindfulness, and circularity within the fashion industry”. Moda Verde (@modaverdeus) serves as a one-stop-shop for conscious shopping, with a focus on discovering sustainable and mindful fashion brands that don’t sacrifice sustainability for style, and vice versa.

These are the clothes that Sophia wears and the stories behind them.

All images provided by Sophia Toomb

“One of my favorite outwear pieces—and it’s from my mom’s closet back in the 80’s! This black button down leather jacket is a staple piece for any closet. I will definitely keep this forever and continue to pass it down!”

“Another classic ‘I stole it from my mom’ moment. A Honolulu Hard Rock Cafe ‘Save the Planet’ t-shirt from the 80’s. My favorite of all time with a strong (and relevant message). Nothing screams ‘I’m an environmentalist’ more than this shirt!”

“This was one of my first ‘designer’ finds at my favorite resale shop—Buffalo Exchange. It’s a neon orange Versace ‘Jeans’ skirt. This is definitely more of a statement piece than it is an everyday—but I love a good burst of color—and this Versace skirt says it all. All I need is an excuse to go to Miami so I can wear this at the Versace mansion (post COVID, of course).”

“I think this dress is my favorite clothing item that I own. Another secondhand find, this retro dress is my go-to for any fun outing. It’s bright, bold, and fits like a glove. Another one of those colorful items that breaks up my ‘80% neutral’ closet. I like to pair this dress with a pair of chunky sneakers and call it a day.”

“This pair of jeans is by Boyish Jeans—one of the first companies I invested in when getting more into sustainable fashion! They are an extremely transparent + sustainable denim company that creates classic styles and fits. Being 5’9”, I have a hard time finding denim that is full-length (jeans are always very cropped on me), so finding a brand that has longer inseam options is always a plus! I wear these jeans as ‘comfy’ clothes because they are THAT soft.”

“My first circular fashion purchase. I wear white sneakers with just about anything. These Thousand Fell sneakers are stain resistant (I’ve had them for over a year and they are almost just as white) and made of all natural and recycled materials. The best thing about these shoes is when I have worn them to the fullest, I can send them back to Thousand Fell to be recycled and I get a discount on my next purchase!”

“A classic piece that everyone should own: a black turtleneck. I found this particular piece at a Goodwill in Cape Elizabeth, Maine (complete opposite side of the country from where I live). I had been wanting a black turtleneck for a while and while I was visiting some friends, I thought to check out the local thrift. Needless to say I found one, and fast forward almost 4 years later and I still wear it every F/W.”

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