In the Closet with Stylist Robyn Davies

Robyn (@rdavies.styling) isn’t your average stylist. She’s the founder of a sustainable fashion service that helps women shop better for themselves, the people who make clothes and the planet, leaning into what they already own and then elevating it. Robyn is based in Manhattan, New York, and she’s also a brand consultant for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

These are the clothes that Robyn wears and the stories behind them.

All images provided by Robyn Davies

“This is my Goodwill Ferragamo. I wear it all the darn time because it goes with everything. It’s so freakin’ chic, and big enough for all my essentials.  

I bought it off a guy who’d just purchased it at a Goodwill window sale for ~$75 (I don’t remember exactly because I’ve had it for years).  I saw it in the window at the Goodwill in Chelsea, and as luck would have it, the window sale was the following morning.  I showed up an hour or so before to wait in line… and then the guy in front of me bought it.  Fortunately, I was able to strike a deal with him, and the bag was mine. I had the handle replaced by Modern Leather Goods. They specialize in repairing luxury bags –you’d never know it was a new handle!

Also, my Granny got me into gold.  She’d wear a gold necklace, a bunch of gold bracelets, and some gold rings everyday.  Now I wear the necklaces she passed down to me, plus a couple from my Grandma.  I love playing around with the different textures.  For a while I was into wearing all four of them, then just the rope chain and the herringbone chain together, and now just the rope or herringbone.”

“I’d been searching for a pair of high-waisted wide leg ecru jeans, and jumped on this rag & bone pair at the end of last summer.  They were my entry point into tailoring jeans because they were too big around the waist, but fit perfect on the butt and hip.  Nigel at Tailors Atelier adjusted the waist so it fit perfectly, and in doing so, showed me the light.  The jeans look like they were made for me, and I feel like a million bucks every time I wear them.”

“I bought this sweatshirt at Buffalo Exchange in Richmond, VA, and I prob wear it at least two times a week. I purchased it because it makes me laugh – if you’ve ever been to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you know that it’s not exactly polo club stomping ground. It’s kinda like a little inside joke for me when I’m outside of the south. If you know, you know. I also LOVE the fit and feel.  It’s perfectly cropped and distressed (from actual wear). If I was to ever make a sweatshirt line, I’d use this as the foundation.”

“I purchased these trousers after thinking about them for legit months, and I’m so darn glad I bought them because they are everything I could have asked for, and more. Super comfortable, yet polished. They’re from this little shop in Richmond, Virginia called Na Nin that makes the most dreamy basics (and has a killer vintage collection, too!). I love what they’re about and try to support them as much as I can by referring them (and their magical pants) to my friends and clients.

I almost didn’t buy this hat because it was admittedly more expensive than any hat I’d ever purchased, but the founder talked me into it, and my gosh, I’m glad she did.  I wear it all summer long, and bring it with me on warm-weather vacays. The blue goes surprising well with everything–it’s not as harsh as black or navy, and I don’t have to worry about it staining like I would with whites or neutrals.”

“This was a birthday gift to myself a couple of years ago. I had been wanting a leopard coat, found this at a sample sale on my way to work, and just bought it – which is unusual for me because I usually ruminate over whether to get some for ages (see bit about pants above, ha!). A printed coat makes everything better. I can be wearing a ho-hum outfit, put on the coat, and then BAM: style!” 

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